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The other month I posted a 1960’s makeup tutorial. If you care to look back at it, use the search bar at the top of this page. I’ve continued to do this look every once in a while, and this time I added the correct retro attire to match the mod face. Also note that I did a small bouffant on top of my head. It only took a couple minutes, I might have to do a post on that as well at some point!


Three buttoned checkered jacket by Worthington, leather leggings by Tracy Evans, Dupioni silk purse handmade from some place in Alabama but purchased in NC.


Big cat eyes and a pale lip always have a coquettish feel. I actually don’t have on any foundation in these photos, just eye make up, that’s why my face looks kind of ruddy, just ignore that!


I love that purse because of the big brown velvet bow. I’ve had it since I was 15! I remember getting it in Mount Airy, NC.

What do you think?!