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Alright, so the grunge movement is back as you guys already know. I am really digging it because it reminds me of my childhood growing up in the 90’s. Here’s how to steal the look. Bring out your tomboy side!!


Start off with a hat or beanie, add a band shirt or really trendy dark shirt, layer a button down flannel shirt on top, pair with bleached out short shorts, dramatic knee socks, and then the classic high top Converses.


Beanie by Hot Topic, Hat by Fox, Cats the musical shirt by Hanes, Flannel by Arizona, Strawberry Shortcake knee/thigh high socks from Spenser’s.


I didn’t have on a ton of makeup. No eyeliner needed. The lips are a a beige gloss mixed with red gloss and then pat with a tissue to make them more matte if you want. I used toupe, gold, and beige browns to give a really warm smokey eye. It’s important to cover the whole lid with these bronzy shades and blend well, use it on the bottom lashline instead of a liner. Highlight the inner eye with white. Use one or two strokes of mascara on top and bottom lashlines and then you’re set to rock on. =p