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Wow, it has been entirely too long since I have posted. Let me tell you WHY it has been so long…

There was a big sleet/ice storm and it left my neighbors and I without power for the better part of a week! I was freezing without heat or light and I also severely missed having cable and Wifi! There wasn’t power for four or so days, and no cable or wifi for six days. I am very glad that I can do what I want now because I was going crazy. I’ve made this list of 15 things to do if you are just plain bored!


1) Play with your make up! I usually do a smokey eye cause it takes up time that needs to be filled.

2) Sort your clothes by color. Organize things in your drawers and closet, this could take a while depending how neat you are or how much stuff you have.

3) Do your hair. Curl it, braid it, twist it, make it fancy.

4) Make rice krispy treats or cookies.

5) Make some hot chocolate if you’re cold.

6) Do your own manicure/pedicure. Use lotion, cuticle oil, and then paint your nails.

7) Read a fashion magazine!

8) Work on your scrapbook. Mine always takes an hour or two to update with photos and stickers.

9) Make something crafty with your hands. If you’re not crafty, do a puzzle or play a game.

10) Listen/dance to your favorite music.

11) Call a friend and catch up.

12) Watch movies or tv for free online.

13) Exercise!!

14) Cut up an old outfit and make a new one out of it.

15) Write a new post on your blog or in a journal!! =p

My next post will include more about fashion of course, so stay tuned. Hope to hear from you!

I will leave you with a classy quote: