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Hope everyone had a good weekend. I went to see Frozen and although I was skeptical at first, I actually really enjoyed it. It was very funny, even more funny than adult comedies. The singing and the graphics were spectacular. I just wish they’d create a princess with light brown hair and blue eyes for once! Think about it, there aren’t any with those characteristics!! Anywho, maybe I can create a Frozen themed hair or makeup tutorial now that I’ve been inspired.

Alright so, I haven’t felt like painting my nails in a while, but that’s okay because the polish isn’t that great for them anyways. My nails have a chance to grow without chemicals suffocating them. I’m not sure if I can get them much longer because I am sure pretty soon I will break one while trying to open something. Lol. What color should I paint my nails next?? Tell me what you think.