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As a kid I watched reruns of the old 60’s show called Bewitched. I know that most people aren’t film buffs like me so I’ll fill you in a bit. It’s about a good witch named Samantha who marries a mortal and Samantha’s mom doesn’t like the mortal hubby. The mother witch is kind of a bad witch who loves to play mean tricks, her name is Endora. Endora wears funky bright eye shadow that’s so over the top that it’s almost gaudy and usually long flowing dresses. I always loved her character because she stood out so much with her vivid red hairdo and heavy colored eye makeup.


I have practiced doing her eyes for years! I remember when I was a freshman in college I would do big winged eyes with blue shadow quite a bit, but I never really got it as accurate as the photo above! I am very pleased with the outcome featured above this!! I think I did a pretty good job, sure, the lighting isn’t too great, but I promise I used almost the same exact hue of shadow that she has on in that image.


The Eyes: Start out with Primer, put it all around your eyes with this look because it’s a lot of makeup and you don’t want it to budge throughout the day or night. Apply white or nude liner on the lower lash line. Put white shadow all over your lids, all the way to your brows, and on upper and lower lash lines. Put pencil black liner under the the white shadow you just applied on the lower rims of your eyes. Make it come to a point on each side of your eye. Apply a vivid blue shadow from the center of the eyelid to the end of your eye, just below your brow. Add black liner on the upper lash line and make it connect to the lower liner to create a wing on each side of your eye. Fill in the outer most corner with black, and then you’re done! Sorry, it’s hard to explain all the steps, but hopefully you can figure it out with help from photos!!

The Lips: I didn’t want to put a loud lip on since the eyes are such a big attraction. I just used a nude color lip stick with a sparkly lip gloss on top. You can do it however you want though.


That’s the before and after photo. Lol. Alright, tell me what you think. Hopefully this inspires you to be Endora one day for Halloween or something! Like or comment. =p