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The weather is bipolar these days. One day it’s 70 out and the next it’s 20 and snowing. That’s actually no exaggeration! It’s driving everyone mad so we should at least try to plan our outfits accordingly and have a little fun with it. I like to do layers of course, and they’re never out of style and have something sort of effortless about them. They also keep me from becoming uncomfy and grumpy when I realize the weather is too chilly or too humid for what I have on. It’s an easy fix!


For this outfit, I paired a light weight beige sweater with a fur vest and a jacket. The sweater is kind of see through so I even have a layer under it, a grey cami. That makes four layers! Layering is great for such crappy, moody weather that changes it’s mind in a flash. The sweater could be worn all throughout spring, but I wouldn’t recommend fur for the warmer seasons (unless you want people to think you’re out of your mind), and the leather and felt letter jacket will become too heavy once temps reach the 60’s and actually stay there or higher (can’t wait).


Above is the view without the jacket. Sweater from Victoria’s Secret, fur vest, letter jacket, jeggings, and boots are all from from Forever 21.

This outfit reminds me of something Rachel Zoe would wear! Tell me what you think. Happy first day of Spring!!