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These are lipglosses from the PINK section at Victoria’s secret. They are really shiny and kinda sheer so it works best to wear it over a lipstick unless you’re going for a more subtle look. They smell and taste like candy so that’s always a plus, however they are very sticky so wear cautiously!


The three shades I have are shown above. Some lip gloss brands tend to not have enough variation in color once they are on, but these shades are pretty distinct. I thought the Mochachino one and the Brownie Points color would appear similar in shade once they are on, but as you can see below, they turned out to be their own individual shades. The Mocha is more pink, and the Brownie has a raspberry hue. The Too Hot is a traditional red, it’s bright and must just have rose undertones since I don’t see any orange or dark brown tones in it.


Not only are they shiny and have good pigment, they have sparkles! Except for the red one, I don’t think it’s sparkly. They are pretty transparent though, so if you want a richer, bolder color, I would recommend putting a lipstick underneath. Since they are also sticky, I wouldn’t recommend kissing on anyone or any pets. Save this gloss for a night out with the girls. Lol.