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Can you GUESS what my favorite color is?! That’s right, pink. It’s the best color ever created. Lol. I am in love with all these pink products!!!! Read about what I think of these gems below and then tell me what you think.


I just got this lip tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Anime, it’s the color nearest the top in the photo above. I like it because it is all natural, has a very light weight feel to it, isn’t sticky, and it’s neon!! Neon pink is so shiny and vivid. It is a bit messy though, the tube it comes in is strange and you have to be careful it doesn’t drip everywhere. It is very pretty but I wish it stayed on longer, it stains your lips but doesn’t stay on the way I thought it would like after you eat and drink.

The color in the middle is a lipstick from the Color Sensational Vivid collection by Maybeline called Hot Plum. This is probably my favorite lipstick, I’ve had it for a few months and am just now writing about it. I wear it very often because it’s the perfect color to bring out my baby blues and also because it’s different. It is a similar hue to these other pinks, but it has violet mixed in with it to make you stand out. Purple lips are always a statement, but this is a very toned down version of bright lip color. It’s not distracting, you can still wear it on a daily basis without looking like you’re from a freak show. I wish this was a lip tint or stain but it’s just traditional lipstick.

The color featured last in the image above is Lively by Tarte. It’s natural, smells like real peppermint, and feels uber soft when you rub your lips together. It’s a matte color which means it doesn’t have a shine to it. I like matte colors because I don’t have many, although you can pat any lip stick and make it flat. This color has a rose color in it, it’s a darker pink than the other colors, it almost is red. When you apply, make sure to use lip liner so it doesn’t feather out. It will stain your lips but you do need to reapply it after eating and drinking because it fades.

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