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All you need is some toothpaste and water for this trick, you don’t need any polish. I’ve always heard about doing this but just now tried it out! So, what you do is take the necklace or whatever kind of jewelry, cover it in tooth paste, then put it under the sink faucet. Make sure to get all the bubbles off so that it isn’t sticky.

Afterwards, all the grime and dirt from sweat and just being outside will disappear. You can really feel a difference, and you can see it’s a bit more shiny. I didn’t use flash, tried to keep the lighting the same in each photo. I cleaned this necklace because I’ve had it for years and even wore it to a Warped Tour one year so it got sun tan lotion in it and looked very dull ever since. I think it looks better now, but I actually wanted it to look even shinier. Oh well. Anyways, hope this helps you out! ❤ Comment or like.