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The jeans in my picture are by For Me and they fit like a glove unlike any of my other jeans. They have a million buttons (not literally) on the front which makes having to take them off difficult, but it’s worth it. The wash is very vivid blue and I make sure to tuck in whatever shirt I am wearing to make the highness more apparent. It’s also fun to pair a blazer or nice jacket with these and pretend like I am a character who stepped off the screen of the cult classic Heathers film.


All of my other jeans are low riders and when I get in a 80’s mood I’ve got to put on something with a overly exaggerated high waistline. I would have been such an 80’s metal head if I would have lived then, you don’t even know. Haha. Sometimes it’s good to have an outfit throwback; dress in something that was very trendy from a certain decade and make it look new and refreshing. These aren’t out of style by any means either, I have seen girls everywhere for the past few years wearing high waist-ed pants. I am not a big fan of high waistline shorts though, I feel like they make people look chubby usually and it’s just not a good look. If you are going to wear shorts that have a high waist, at least know how to look nice doing it, like don’t wear a crop top with it, wear something that tucks in to counteract how much leg is showing. I would like to think I could make them look classy, but we will never know, because I do not intend on buying any. I wish the females who did wear them would get their style together though. Lol. Ok, rant over! Tell me how you feel now!!