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The summer is upon us! This is my favorite season so I decided to make a post about the things you will need during this hot time.

This shampoo by Got2b is great for summer because it’s extremely conditioning and smells like coconuts or tanning oil. After you swim the chlorine strips your hair of good oils and dries out the hair so it’s necessary to have a shampoo that can add some moisture back in to make hair more healthy and easy to work with. I would recommend this for people who have naturally dry, frizzy locks because this shampoo is a bit too heavy for my normal-to-oily tresses! Try not to use too much of this either or it will make your hair feel stiff.


Being out in the heat of the summer can do a number on your skin. Sweating is inevitable. Make sure to carry powder or blotting sheets or both to ensure a matte finish and to touch up your face throughout the day! This powder is by Kat Von D who is famously known for being a tattoo artist, she has a line of makeup products at Sephora and I love how cute and goth their names are! She has a lipstick called Cathedral.


I like to carry or wear white things in the summer to bring out my tan! White nails, white shoes, white jewelry, etc. If you aren’t a big fan of white you could try a nice neutral color like beige or nude color which can also make your tan standout! My white purse is by Liz&Co. and I think the rectangle style along with the white color is timelessly chic; my grandma would carry this bag!


There you have it. Tell me what you think!