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This is a cool product that I got for Christmas. It’s called Leg Shine-Classic by Micheal Kors and it’s supposed to make you glow! I like the shimmer it gives, you look kind of glittery with it on, not really a tan though. Well, you have to lather on a lot to build it up to look more like a tan, but it won’t make you look super dark or anything. I put it all over though to intensify my natural color. I don’t just put it on my legs because I want to sparkle all over!!


I should have taken a photo of it with the cap off, it looks like a stick of deodorant so it’s easy to apply which is nice because most instant colors are messy or leave unsightly stains. It has a very strong aroma that smells nice like gardenias. You wouldn’t use this stuff to achieve a deep tan though, just use it for a nice sparkle and then shower after you have it on all day because you might feel kind of filmy and you don’t want all the shimmer to come off on your sheets at night. Tell me what you think!