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My hair was pretty damaged from being bleached a couple times, so I needed something to make it feel nice and normal again. My hair was sticky and dull looking before this treatment due to all the stuff I have done to it with color. It only took a couple hours before my hair was totally restored with this treatment. It should last 3-5 months if I use the shampoo and conditioner correctly. If you would like this done to yourself, I can do this treatment for you because it is a service offered at my beauty school. When I wake up, my hair is all in place and barely has tangles. It’s pretty cool, and of course my natural hair is straight except my layers fly out a bit, this treatment has made my hair bone straight. If you have curls and want this treatment, it can still be done, there are different ones to use and different methods of applying the product as well.


The treatment took out some of the color I had in my hair, but that’s alright, I still feel and look like a mermaid!


This shirt is pretty cool too. It’s from Carolina beach. The back is cut out to look like a skull.


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