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I’ve talked about my dilema with pants before but it’s almost been a year since that post. I’m a small size (0) and have trouble finding pants that fit my hips, they all seem to stretch out after a few washes. When I posted about this crisis before, I didn’t have any comments to help me find better pants, so I decided to just take the situation into my own hands and find pants on my own accord. Besides, I am a fashion blogger, I can find the best pants without assistance, right!?

I have found that jeans are just too baggy, I have given up on them to be honest. Last winter, all I wore was leggings and jeggings and it was perfect. I found these lovely jeggings the other day at Belk’s. They are by the brand Hue and fit pretty great. They are so light weight and flexible, it feels like pajama bottoms. They are the most comfortable jeggings I have found because they aren’t too tight. You can actually move and sit in them without feeling like you’re about to burst out of them!