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So, the past couple of months I have put my hair under a lot of stress, I am lucky it’s not falling out. Lol.This man came up to me today and said that his coworkers had a bet on what color my hair would be next cause they see me all the time going to lunch and feel like it is different every week. I thought that was pretty funny. I’ve really just changed it 3 times the last 3 months, so it could be worse! I guess that is more than most people change their hair though.


To care for my hair now that it is dried out, I use products that offer to protect and nourish, such as Paul Mitchell’s color care line. I have the shampoo and conditioner, and I highly recommend the Color Locking spray which shields hair from UV rays to make the color stay vibrant, and the Super Skinny smoothing balm which controls frizz and makes hair shine.


The colors I have been lately, range from literal bleach blonde to bright blue to pastel green and of course below is my most recent hair color which is an auburn hue. I’ve tried about everything now!

wpid-0810141111.jpgComment, like, stop by me for a hair or nail appointment and pick up the products I raved about as well! Thanks. :3