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The weather warmed up some from last week, so luckily I left a few pieces of summer clothing out when I unpacked all my chilly weather clothes. The brisk fall weather is inevitable but I’m enjoying this last month that has a few 90 degree days in store, we’ll see how long it lasts since the forecast is so bipolar around here.

Bohemian = artsy, individualistic, gypsy style.

This outfit is made up of items I’ve had a while but I’ve put them all in a new light to refresh things. I usually don’t like to dress very bohemian because I like more structured outfits or ones that don’t look as.. hippy, for a lack of a better word. I’ve realized the past couple of years that bold indie or tribal prints are popular, and flowy skirts and other hippy-esque styles are flooding mainstream stores like Pacsun. It’s very trendy, but I’m not the biggest fan, because it’s not really my thing since I think other styles are much more appealing to the peepers.  I also prefer tighter clothes but it was a long day and I jumped into this without much thought. To me this is loosely based on boho fashion, because it’s actually not very boho compared to the styles of real bohemian dressers such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the Hollywood twins. They are often seen in long maxi skirts, oversized hats, long shirts, and other messy chic looks that feel relaxed and liberating. I hate those gaudy tribal prints and baggy clothes, so this is as Indie as I get. Lol.


Sweater from Forever 21, white tank from PINK by Victoria’s Secret, blue tank by Bisou Bisou, skirt by MODA and the leather studded hair bow is from Forever 21. Can’t remember where the chandelier necklace is from, think it was a gift. Comment, like, etc!