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Last weekend my friend Nichole and I went out to an adventure we’d always dreamed of; The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not just any viewing of the show, it was the one where people are acting it out! It was fun but we were both a little bit disappointed with how vulgar the joke script was made out to be. I felt like it kind of took away from the original lines. I also wanted to act out more parts, but the people up front were the only ones who acted it out, and I hope they didn’t get paid for being overly drunk and obnoxious. Those are just my opinions though, the trash can is by the door.

Anywho, let’s talk about why I am posting this: the clothes. I didn’t want to wear underwear since I was a virgin to this screening. Instead we decided to take a more practical and safe approach, which was the dressed up time warp scene clothes. If you haven’t ever seen Rocky Horror, you are probably confused by what I am saying right now, so you need to go get a copy of the movie ASAP! The time warp scene features men and women dressed in ties, vests, some bright shirts, sunglasses, black pants, and hats. They dance and sing and it is epic!