Working with hot beauty tools on a daily basis, you are bound to burn yourself at some point. Sure enough, last week I accidentally touched my Marcel curling iron. I was finished using it on my client but accidentally touched it while reaching for a comb. Go figure! The burn I got is just minor, a first degree one, but it still was ugly and.. burned!


The burn blistered up and stung for a couple hours afterwards. I have been using aloe vera, a glycolic and salycylic acid product by Murad, and vinegar on the mark to help with healing. It has shrunk a lot and I am thinking that it will almost completely diminish. As soon as I used the vinegar the first time, it looked smaller. Don’t use Vinegar on worse kinds of burns though, because second and third degree burns are more serious and should be treated by a doctor. Vinegar is an astringent and seemed to reduce the inflammation a good bit. The Murad product contains glycolic acid which aids in the healing process, and of course aloe vera soothes the area further. I apply all these products a couple times a day. Questions or comments!?