Since I’ve been in beauty school, I’ve been getting facials every month, and sometimes more frequent than that! At first I was hesitant because I was afraid it would cause me to break out, but it’s actually helped my skin a lot! I feel like my skin isn’t as oily, and my skin tone seems to look more even. I also bought some of the products that they use at my school so that I can practice using them at home in between my facials. The package I purchased is the UltraCalming Skin Kit from Dermalogica, one of the most well-known skincare companies around the world. The picture is posted above. I decided on the UltraCalming kit which has natural products like Lavender, because my skin is sensitive and turns red easily when it’s irritated.


Above is a photo with me without any makeup after a couple months using this line of products. My skin not only looks good, but it feels soft and nice as well! I will definately continue using products from this line. In the kit, there’s a spray mist that’s kind of like a toner, a pre-cleanser, a barrier protectant serum, and a moisturizing cream. My favorite is probably the pre-cleanser because it does a good job removing my eye makeup. I really like all of it equally though.