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Happy Friday the thirteenth everyone!!

My tastes are eclectic and draw from both dark and light sides of life, such as rock and roll and feminine haute couture quirkiness. The other day I went to the mall and this is what I wore. It wasn’t too chilly so I went with my light weight letter jacket that I punked up recently with a  X  (straightedge;drug free) patch and some spikes at the collar. It was missing a touch of something, but now it feels perfectly revamped! The jeans are actually leggings and they came pre-ripped which is cute/careless looking. I’m pretty psyched that they fit too, it’s very hard finding pants that fit, these are a lucky superskinny/short/0 combo that fit like a glove. Still have the same hair. Nude lip color by Estee Lauder, I’ll post the name later after I have time to recall it. Lol.


Letter jacket from Forever 21, jeggings from Rue 21, wedges from Forever 21.