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This look was created by my friends Rita and Amber. First, Rita put a roller set in my hair and after it was dried, Amber strategically placed the curls into a romantic, bridal-esque updo. It was a lot like big pincurls, so they looked like flowers. Everyone enjoyed looking at it and after a couple days, when I took it down, people were sad that I didn’t keep it up longer. Good thing I am hard headed though, because there were over 100 bobby pins in my hair!!


Two pieces of hair were left hanging in order to frame my face in a feminine manor and give a less harsh vibe. Blue liner and nude lips from Marc Jacobs cosmetic line. Fur from Forever 21, striped shirt from Victoria’s Secret, boots are Black Poppy.


To keep this style the next day, I had to sleep with three hair nets, two cloth hairbands, and one scarf. It only felt uncomfortable to lay on one side, luckily, so I stayed very still on my other side!


I felt very Audrey Hepburn 🙂