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It’s time for spring cleaning and newness. This is some of my latest makeup.  I’d been meaning to try more of Mr. Jacobs cosmetic line. The black box above has water proof eyeliners and they stay in place well, don’t smudge at all. They are the colors O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), (Plum)age, and Blacquer. The lip stick in the black container is called Clara and I absolutely love the shade of pink, it is very pigmented! The silver capsule of lipstick is called POW! and I’m not very impressed of how it looks on me, it is a comic book orange toned red hue. The lipgloss is a bit sticky for my taste, it tingles on your mouth, it looks really good over any lipstick. It is called Kissability. The fingernail polish is called Enamored in Madame, it’s just a pretty tan color. It goes on well and also is very pigmented, not runny at all. And last but not least, the magic  Marc’er in Blacquer. It’s now my fave eyeliner besides Dolce and Gabana’s liquid liner.