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Back around the holidays I got this water diffuser bottle that I had been wanting to check out. It’s turned out to be pretty awesome. I wanted something healthy that tastes good as well. I got sick of bottled water!!

All you do is unscrew the top, chop up some fruit, and dump them in with some fresh, filtered water. After sitting a couple of hours, the water will absorb flavor and sometimes color from the fruit. If the fruits are fresh, you can leave them for about a week before you’ll want to trash it and start over with new fruit and water.


I have tried out a lot of different waters. I’ve made lemon, lime, orange water, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry water,  cucumber, strawberry water, and watermelon, strawberry water! I’ve actually tried more than that, but you get the point. (Yes, there’s a pattern with straberries, I guess they are good with everything!) I would say that my favorite, the sweetest one, is the watermelon water.

There’s health benefits to this diffuser, not just because it’s water, but the fruits are raw and contain vitamins. Lemon is known to help detox the bottle, cucumber hydrates,  and blueberries and strawberries provide anti-aging elements.