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This is the month of red I guess! All the outfits I have posted for July have red. Hmm, and stripes too.. Lol, that’s weird! I totally didn’t do that intentionally. I love this outfit because it’s simple and sleek. The cami has a lingerie feel to it and the little dolphin shorts are appealing to the eye even though the stripes are horizontal. I can’t remember where the top is from, but the shorts are from Target I believe. The shoes are Coach and they’re super comfy. Funny story about this outfit actually. A few years ago I wore this top and the bottoms to the beach and went out to eat with my family. After the meal I was walking by the bar from the bathroom, and this creepy, grody drunk man at the bar grabbed me by my stomach. He tried to offer me a drink and I remember saying no way and telling him I was only 17! It was really unsettling to me, because I don’t think this outfit is too sexy or revealing and I was just wearing sneakers with it, so it was totally dressed down to me. Anyways, this outfit lives on and I won’t let anyone stop me! Remember: If anyone ever harrasses you, it’s not your fault for what you wear or how you act. It’s the other person who is being the creep. Don’t let creepy men discourage you from living how you want to live! People over-sexualize the female body, screw what everyone thinks and dress comfy and cute!!