I have been collecting sunglasses for years now. I have a special bag in my room that holds all of my trendy shades! There’s these new Oakley PRIZM sunglasses that come out today and look pretty awesome!! I can’t wait to try them out and add them to my collection.

Oakley’s full catalog will feature these new sunnies, along with other sports-specific and everyday looks as well. One of the really neat things about the Oakley PRIZM shades is that the lenses are fine-tuned to certain activities like golf, cycling, angling, and baseball. This is because they emphasize colors that the human eye is most sensitive to in specific environments and sport activities.

The main goal of the Oakley PRIZM collection is to improve athletic performance by relaxing the eye and being able to identify the unique demand on vision in varying environments. These sunglasses are actually the first ever in the eyewear industry that are built for such specific sport use!

In order to create these lenses, Oakley used specialized equipment to read wavelengths of light that are present in a variety of settings. A combination of dyes and coatings were used to develop lens that optimize the helpful light and minimize or remove the wavelengths of light that are unnecessary or hinder performance. The Oakley PRIZM lens technology makes them unrivaled in the prescription eyewear business.

These shades are one of a kind and launch today! They range in price from just $276-$322 for single vision, and $379-$494 for progressive lenses (prices don’t include frames.) You can purchase these stylish prescription sunglasses at the Salt City Optics website at: http://www.saltcityoptics.com/b/oakley-prescription-eyewear.html