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I got some new sports bras because I hadn’t gotten any new ones in a couple years and I am a member at a gym nearby so I have to look good when I sweat! I love Victoria’s Secret because all of their bras and clothes are super comfy and really cute.


The bras above are all of my new ones! Aren’t they adorbs?! If that doesn’t make you want to work out, I don’t know what will. The first one pictured is a neon orange and pink, spandex racerback that is reversible, which I really dig. It’s nice that there isn’t any padding, but it very snug and feels nice. The grey one is cotton and I had to get it mainly because of the “don’t know, don’t care”, I mean come on, that can be for all the creeps who stare at the gym!! And the last bra is the most sexy one, it’s a padded, deep cut V, teal mesh material, and a fancy, strapy back. If I was in a workout video, this is totes the one I would wear to impress! They all feel really good, but I would suggest going with a size up, since they seem to run small.

Below is one of my older yoga sports bras from VS. It is comfy but a little too tight for my liking and it’s getting old so I am glad I get to replace it. Th