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I took the photo above to show how pointy the nails are, because it’s not as obvious in the other pictures just how pointy and long they actually are. I will say that the pointy-ness is quite annoying if you are used to a more square or squoval shape like I am! I’ve always wanted to try these vampiristic stilleto nails and never got around to it. Now that I have tried it I am kind of over it. They’re pretty but you have to be careful not to stab your eyes or other peoples’ eyes for that matter, and I am not really sure it’s worth it.


I haven’t had fake nails in years, but I decided what the heck! It’s fun to have them since they don’t get weak and break, I almost forgot how nice it feels to have them on. I dread taking them off though since my nails will be so dry and brittle underneath. That’s the price you pay for beauty I guess though! But like I said, I much prefer the squared out nails than these trendy, animalistic talons.