50 Questions

1. Would you live with any of your current friends? Only a couple of them.
2. What’s your Starbucks order? Usually iced toffee nut!
3. Do you have a lot of small playlists or one big playlist? Several averaged sized ones.
4. Christmas or Halloween? Both at the same time!!
5. Ice Tea or Lemonade? Sweet tea 🙂 I’m southern.
6. Do you keep things in your bra? What bra? 😉
7. Headphones or Earphones? Earphones
8. Do you draw? I used to every day!
9. Can you ride a bike? If it is stationary.
10. Dream hair color? Natural suits me best. I’ve already had every color under the sun.
11. Do you paint your nails? I polish my nails quite often.
12. Do you want any piercings? I think I have all the ones that I want.
13. How are your apps arranged on your phone? Neatly, and I replaced the icons with pastel pink images.
14. Do you have a lucky number? Not really.
15. Are you a fan of Chinese food? Yeppers.
16. Pen or pencil? Pencil.
17. Favorite pattern? Leopard.
18. Hot or cold pizza? Hot!!
19. iPhone or Android? Android all the way.
20. Curly hair or straight hair? Straight, always!
21. Hand written or digital notes? I hand-wrote everything in college.
22. Do you like Christmas lights? Sure.
23. DVDs or Digital copies of movies? Either works.
24. Music on your phone or your computer? Both!
25. Do you use a purse? Of course.
26. What’s your go-to pizza topping? Onions.
27. Do you wear jewelry? Yep.
28. Do you keep a wish list? On pinterest!
29. Do you have a favorite restaurant? PF Chang’s :]]
30. Can you cook? Anyone can, I just prefer not to, lol.
31. Favorite flavor of ramen? Yuck, IDK.
32. Beach or Boardwalk? Beach.
33. Do you have posters in your room? Yes.
34. Are you afraid of spiders? Only if it’s crawling on me.
35. Would you rather dress up or dress down? UP.
36. Do you use sticky notes? Sometimes.
37. Long or short hair? LONG.
38. Ankle socks or knee socks? Knee!!
39. What does your backpack look like? Messanger style.
40. Do you put stickers on your things? It happens.
41. Mints or gum? Gum.
42. Is today a lazy day for you? Right on.
43. How many pillows do you own? A lot.
44. Sleep too much or too little? I sleep a perfect amount.
45. Could you live on your own this very second? Yea, but need to save more to be comfy.
46. Apartment or house? Either one, not picky.
47. Do you like amusement parks? I do.
48. Favorite movie snack? Twizzlers ftw!
49. Do you wear beanies? When it’s cold out.
50. Dogs or cats? Equal to me.