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I wore this to dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday not too long ago. It was a milestone birthday for me so I decided to wear a tiara. Okay, I would have probably worn the crown anyways, let’s not pretend it was just because it was a big birthday. Instead of being grumpy about aging,  (hey, you either get old or die) I stayed positive and fashion forward, as one should on a special occasion. 🙂


Striped tunic thing from Victoria’s Secret, it’s super comfy. Leather vest by Bisou bisou. Purse by Furla!! Necklace from Belk’s. Boots from Target. Leggings.. no idea. Lol and same with the tiara! Dolce & Gabbona liquid liner, Lancome mascara, and I can’t remember the rest.


Hopefully Nikon will send me my nicer camera back once it gets all fixed. This camera isn’t as great of quality so it’s driving me crazy!