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It’s mandatory that I wear all black outfits to work, which can often be demotivating for me since I really love fashion. Usually I wear a range of colors from pastel pink to neon orange when I’m free, so it can be a challenge on work days. I can wear color or prints in outer wear though, so that helps me not totally die from monotony.


The striped sweater is Worthington. I can’t remember where I got the scarf, but it’s my favorite one cause skulls, duhh. Lol. I like to tie it this way to elongate my neckline and add a bit of drama. I like to mix prints too because that’s the opposite of boring.The shoes are my newest most healthiest shoes.They are nursing shoes; I can stand long periods of time at work and not get foot aches! They are the Allegria brand. I def. recommend them!!! I would like some more of them honestly.