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If you have hair on your head, you should be getting deep conditioning treatments. It is a common misconception that the only people who need a treatment are people that color their hair, but that simply is a myth. The sun damages your hair, as well as the wind, bitter cold winter weather, and blow-drying your hair. Your hair is thirsty even if you don’t realize it, because even if we air-dry our hair or don’t color it, we cannot escape mother nature! So everybody needs to focus on hydration, with that being said, you should look into getting a deep conditioning treatment at your salon at least once a month. You can also purchase the stuff and do it at home, my favorite conditioning treatment is above, and it smells just like vanilla.  All you have to do is mix a nice conditioner such as the keratin infused one above, with an oil, maybe an essential oil from the Matrix Biolage brand, and pull it through your hair in the shower. Put a processing cap (with a washcloth atop it to keep in heat) on your hair while you shower the rest of your body off, then after 15 or 20 mins, take the cap off and rinse your hair. You can feel the smoothness for up to a week! I usually do this once a week.