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Everybody wears deodorant.. uh, at least I hope so! For years I used solid deodorant or glide on gel, with antiperspirant, and lately I’ve tried a few new ones.

The first one in the photo above is a powder deodorant that doesn’t include antiperspirant. It is by a brand called Perfect Purity, you can find similar ones at Whole Foods type stores that offer healthy alternatives to our normal hygiene routines. It’s good for straight out of the shower use, especially if you know you aren’t going to be busy or sweating much for a few hours. It’s great after the shower because it doesn’t burn when applied to shaved under-arms, unlike all the other deodorants I’ve tried. It can leave a trail on the floor or dark clothes, so it can be messy if you’re not careful. It’s super light, doesn’t have a strong smell, and isn’t going to last through heavy sweating though so beware.

The second in the photo above is a glide on antiperspirant by Secret. It’s a gel substance and it feels cold to the touch, that is why I enjoy them in the summer, but not as much in the winter. You have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry before putting on clothes, especially dark colored garments. It is better than the solid kind because it doesn’t leave you with flaky white skin or get all over the armpit area in clothes. It’s great for sweating, and the scent is moderate.

The third and final deodorant is in spray form. It’s a new one made by Suave. It has antiperspirant and a nice clean scent, but be careful when spraying it anywhere that offers a breeze or draft, because it will go everywhere. It works just like the glide on deodorant as far as I can tell, you just have to be really sure to spray a few squirts (it takes more than just one or two sprays, I’d say three or four sprays under each arm is perfect if you’re going to be working or sweaty) and also be sure that it goes under your arm and not in a cloudy fog behind you! I guess this is the messiest one, I wouldn’t recommend it to younger kids. Easy to waste it. I kind of feel like I inhale it too, so hold your breath and spray away!