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As you can see I was very bored with my hair so I went with a change up! I pushed it back with some gel, the Hard Up blue gel by Sexy Hair, and it laid back over my teased crown fairly well. The tank top is from Express and I love neutral tones so much, and I also love how it is low cut, skin tight, and has vertical ribbing all around! The capri pants were given to me from a co-worker and I wasn’t too keen on them at first because I hadn’t worn capri jeans since I was younger, but they fit really well. I am so cold-natured, I can def. use them when I am out at a restaurant. Actually, the night I wore this I went with family to a pizza place that was freezing, so it worked out. Bracelet is Marc Jacobs, wedges by Coach. Tan by Lancome.


My lipstick is THE MOST TALKED ABOUT THING I WEAR. All of my co-workers and female clients gaze at my new matte lipsticks and ask me where they can purchase them. I will do a post on all of them before too long, stay tuned! I believe this one is L.U.V by Kat Von D.