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My skin is on the oily side of things, so I try to keep my pores as small as possible and cleanse my face twice a day in order to prevent breakouts. I am a fan of the brand AcneFree for washing my face off (they have a good benzol peroxide one), and I use Cetaphil for a oil-free moisturizer. I like to use Epiduo for a toner, and I have heard that Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay is a great alternative, and a much cheaper way to keep your skin looking clear.It doesn’t have apadapaline in it, which is what seems to make Epiduo work so great, but it does have LHA and benzol peroxide. I haven’t seen a bad thing about it while researching it online, so I am hoping I turn out loving it.


I have only used it a couple times.. so far, so good! It seems to shrink any bumps, the redness goes away, and the overal appearance of the blemish diminishes, just overnight! That’s exactly how Epiduo works, so I am satisfied thus far. Hopefully it won’t dry out my face, but I am looking to only use it when a large bump appears, or for an emergency, at least until I run totally out of Epiduo.