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Soap is expensive, at least the really nice smelling, pretty bottled ones! I’ve read so much about the chemicals in soaps like at Bath and Body Works, it makes me feel kind of ripped off when I do purchase their brand. I decided to try making my own soap. It isn’t all natural or anything, but at least I know everything that I put in it was put in it by me, which is a start to being more healthy.I just kind of winged this and it turned out great, smells awesome too.


So the first thing to do, get an almost empty bottle of anti-bacterial soap, with only like a very small amount of soap left inside.

Then you will want to add all these things…

  • Aloe vera gel, 3 tblspns or so
  • Hand or body lotion, 1 oz.
  • Hair Conditioner, 2 oz.
  • 10 drops of Grapefruit essential oil
  • Water, fill it up the rest of the way!

Then shake it up, pump it out a couple times and make sure it is thick enough for your liking! That’s it, saves time and money and won’t dry out your paws!!