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The hype is here. I finally decided to give Kylie Jenner’s matte lip colors a chance. As I stated a few posts back, I am in love with matte color and have divorced my glosses which I used to use religiously. Matte colors are simply more chic, they last way longer, and so they are worth it. So, what do I think of the Kylie Cosmetics brand?


I will say that I like them alright. However, out of all the brands I have tried, like Kat Von D, Tarte, and Too Faced, Kylie Cosmetics might fall into last place. This is because it seems to cake up a little bit, even when applied thinly spread and very carefully, and I have not had this issue with any of the other brands I mentioned. It feels a little too dry, making your lips feel very tight, which I have not experienced with other brands. The other ones I have tried are creamier. I also noticed that it doesn’t stay on as well as the others, after I eat I feel like a lot of it needs to be re-applied, whereas, I do not have to reapply  my matte colors by Kat Von D or Tarte.


I have grown up watching the Kardashians and I am very fond of them and their half sister, even though I don’t approve of everything she may do in her life, that is neither here nor there. So I am a bit sad that it doesn’t have the same lasting power or smooth creamy kind of texture that I expected. If I wasn’t such an expert on the other top matte brands, I probably would love her product! I just know too much ab0ut the super great products out there, so it makes it sound harsh when I am discussing her line. It’s def. not the worst makeup product I have tried or anything, I was just a tad disappointed. I will still wear it, and probably learn how to better apply it to make it last how I want it to. Maybe I will find a way to keep it from flaking off.


I’ve tried the colors Posie K and Candy K. The color in these images is Posie K.