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Like the Tim Burton-esque title? Lol. So do I!


So for Halloween at work, I was a medieval princess, but that costume was made for winter weather (it’s velvet) and since it was 80 degrees here in NC, you bet I changed! As I was in the shower debating what to wear for such a hot Halloween, I suddenly remembered I had my mother’s high school majorette uniform from the 70’s !!! It is pictured above, and although it looks way too short, she assured me it is supposed to be that length (they always wore nude tights underneath I think). The polyester was itchy and a bit stuffy, but I wore it most the night!


As we all know, since we are fashion forward, open-minded bloggers here, black lipstick is NOT just for Halloween, especially with the return of -and mainstream acceptance of- grunge 90’s style. I have been wearing black lips for about a year now and nothing feels quit as liberating. I felt like wearing Kat Von D’s studded black lipstick to give the majorette outfit more of an edge and maybe some irony. I love this hue because it is gun-metal, it has a blue/silvery shine to it that does not wash-out one’s complexion.


Sephora has cool shades of polish. I like to do my own nails so I have quite a few of their colors, and I like all of them. This one is a matte black that has glitter in it as well. If you don’t use a top coat, it is very rough, so be careful not to scratch your eye or pic clothing.