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Ah, the beloved sundress.You can style it alone with some sandals or pair it with a leather vest at night or put leggings underneath in fall. It is a wardrobe essential, but it doesn’t have to be basic!

This is another look from the summer, obviously, since I’d be frozen like a statue if I were wearing just this right now, so just ignore that! I love sundresses just as much as anyone else, however they are usually thin, soft cotton that tends to pic over time and shows wear incredibly bad. That is why I got rid of my old ones *tear* and purchased some newer ones over the summer. This dress is cotton, but it isn’t nearly as soft as the material Victoria’s Secret uses for their dresses. This is from Forever 21, and I love it because it doesn’t snag or degrade every wash, it is sturdy but still looks graceful. It has a pretty brass zipper all the way down the back, and two square pockets in the front that are nice and roomy for a cellphone or makeup, etc. It’s blue and white checkers, which is picnic chic, but also stands the test of time.


I got tan at the beach. It has long since faded, but the photos and memories will prevail!