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I shall call this the Pilgrim dress because of the black collar and.. well that is pretty much the only reason why! I wore this for Thanksgiving at my lovely aunt’s house in Charlotte. We get together each year for a nice lunch with an array of tasty treats.


I really dig this dress but I never get the chance to wear it, cause it is one of those that is too fancy for most things. The only thing I really don’t like about it is that it gets caught on everything, like jewelry and fingernails since it is all lace! I had to be super careful and I was still getting snagged on it. I can’t remember where this dress is from. The collar was also pretty tight, especially on a day where I ate a small village, it kind of felt restricting.


These beautiful oxford wedges are newest to my collection I think. They are my second pair like this, and I must say, neither pair are very comfy. Actually, they kind of hurt. They are from Rue 21 but my other ones are another brand. I am surprised this shoe doesn’t feel good because most of my shoes feel fine but oxfords slip off of my heel and seem to get more uncomfortable the longer I have them on. At least they’re pretty though!