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At my place of work, we are the most busy around Christmas because we are hair stylists. This means we are super swamped and have trouble finding time to cook and chill out with our families because we work a lot of hours during this time. We all decided to do this hair on each other Christmas Eve day to make the work day go by with more cheer and laughter! It worked and put a smile on everyone! I told people I was a brindle reindeer due to my highlights, tee hee!!!


All you have to do is make a sock bun, tie together some pipe cleaners, purchase googly eyes, and create a nose out of yarn or cotton!!) Simple enough for anybody to try at home. I believe my boss got this idea from Facebook, but she put her own twist on it.


On my eyes I had Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, Urban Decay Basic Naked palette, D&G eye liner, Tarte Beach Bunny on cheeks, and Jeffree Star’s Leo on lips!! Shirt from Victoria’s Secrets online.

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