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I love cuteness. Anything adorable.. consider my name on it. I love garters and knee socks because they are so cute and fun to wear. In the first photo I am wearing some new baby pink leather garters with small metal spikes and hearts in the center. I purchased them from Wish.com and they are perf. (So far I have gotten several things from Wish and it’s all been exactly what I wanted and good quality) I have wanted them for years because I always see them when I am looking at fashion online.I know that some people wear them with shorts, but I wore mine under a skirt and with stockings.

The knee socks were given to me as a gift, and they are just a throwback to sports socks. Honestly they make me think of athletic wear of the 80’s because I used to watch Three’s Company and I am pretty sure Janet had some like this. If not, I am thinking of something else from that era. Regardless, they are very sportswear chic. I wore these out with a tunic, chucks, and a baseball hat to give it that grunge, careless vibe.