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I am still really digging this outfit because it’s just oh so sleek. Sometimes by the time I get around to posting about certain garments, I am plumb sick of seeing them. Lol. I wore this out to dinner on my birthday to a Japanese steak house. They asked me to do a chicken dance in order to receive a piece of cake.. which I obliged. Luckily, I am not easily embarrassed… Haha!!

This outfit is appealing for anybody  because of the vertical striping, the long line of the boot, and the elongated choker necklace strings help to draw the eye up and down as well. The vest is irreversible btw!


Vest and leggings are Victoria’s Secret PINK, oxford is Victoria’s Secret, and so is the long gray tank. Boots from Wish. Wrap necklace was a gift. Jeffree Star lips in Androgyny.