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This was one of the main things I asked for this Christmas season. I have seen these online the past few years, and because of my love for candles, I figured it is a hot item for me! So finally.. I have my paw on the Pyro Pet..


Meet Dyri, the lovable geometric deer candle. You may be asking yourself.. “but why hasn’t he a face?” Well, he is so plain because people like myself purchase these cute wax statues to watch them burn. Quite literally, once he melts down for 24 hours, he will be a gnarly goldish metal skeleton!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. Once I get him melted down, I will snap a photo and write a post. šŸ™‚ Stay tuned. Not only do I have a blue one, I also have a white one at my bf’s house. I am curious to see if they will look the same underneath. Muahahhaha. If they are cool enough, I plan to keep them around as decor!