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A while back I ordered these bad boys and they were featured in an earlier post called “Shoes of the Day: Hunter Boots” If you would take a moment and check that.

Soooo, I would have to say that I recommend these boots for everybody. They are super comfy and pretty and easy to walk in. They don’t rub your foot like some rubbers. They don’t feel like your foot is moving back and forth inside the shoe either. They feel very stable and they aren’t too tight with big fuzzy socks, even though they are  US 5/6 in size! They are equipped with reflectors on the back in case you’re walking or sledding or whatever on a dreary day. They are the best for milder, rainy weather because they are not insulated with anything to keep you warm in the cold snow or icy conditions. I really dig that I have not scuffed them yet! I just wish these were taller, but besides that I don’t have any complaints.