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I made up this updo, well, at least I made up the name for it! Isn’t that cute!? I know, I am sure a lot of people do a tuck and twist type of bun. It’s so easy though and can be fancified with a hairbow or headband! Just put your hair in a high pony tail, tuck it into itself, fold it out to make it fuller and round like a doughnut, and use a couple bobby pins. That is all you need to know honestly. You really don’t need the little foam structure or a sock to make a cute bun. I went to a local pizza joint with this little doo.

See how it kind of crosses itself? Oh yes, my lipstick is Lolita by Kat Von D, eye shadow is from the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Smiling cloud earrings from Atomic Lace on Etsy.


Photos by Duncan Madaris Hill, but they were taken with my Nikon, which is crappy compared to all of his nice ones!