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So it’s been a little while since I got all of my Jeffree Star lip stuff. I am still really into his brand, I love the look and the feel of his product overall.


What do you think? Pink is so fun, but neutral is so chic!


Top photo, lip color is Queen Supreme, lower photo color is Androgyny.

Let’s get down to it. I really, really love the smooth application of his lipsticks, but I wish that the wand was a little smaller. The tip is made for people with larger lips, so if you have a petite mouth you will have to be very careful as to not smear it every where! Kylie has a better wand I believe, and so does Tarte, and Kat Von D. However I like the fact that his do not peel or flake like Kylie’s seem to do so easily.

You can eat with this on, as long as you are extremely careful about not touching anything greasy or wet to your mouth. That is pretty much how all these brands are. Anything oily or really liquidy is a no-go. Don’t even lick your lips! The best one to eat with is probably Tarte, because it doesn’t flake off and look so horrible, it just subtly rubs a little, and certain days it seems to not even budge because it’s so super creamy. I have had some luck with eating with Kat Von D’s, as long as I am very careful. Really depends on the food. One time I ate a cupcake with Kat Von D’s matte liquid lip stick and none came off!

I love that Jeffree star’s liquid matte colors are vivid and light weight on your lips, they aren’t drying, they aren’t too creamy, or too cracky/flaky/peely, it is a nice in between as long as you keep it dry. The pigments are very true to color unlike Kylie’s have been for me. I wish that I could layer Jeffree’s a little more, because sometimes the pigment looks a bit opaque. And honestly, I could do without the chemically smell his seem to have. All the other brands smell pretty nice to me.

I cannot think of anything else right now. I am very pleased with his colors and the way they go on/ stay on in general. I also have one of his plain lipsticks that comes in the old fashioned lipstick form, and it has glitter in it which looks incredible layered over a velour lipstick. I will have to save that more another post though!!