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This was the best gift I have received in forever!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s pretty simple, just add water and essential oils and then relax. For example, if you’re expecting company or want to get rid of dog smell Try a fresh, clean scent like lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot!


This is the only diffuser I could find that has a lifetime guarantee. I knew that would be important for me, cause I knew I would use out a ton. It’s super easy to use, only two buttons and I had it set up within minutes. There’s 17 different LED light colors to pick from, and two different (low or high)settings for the actual oils to be dispersed into the room. So on low it runs 8 hours usually, on high, four. It will last longer if you add more water too though.

If you are new to essential oils, you might not understand that they can change your mood and the atmosphere of your house in a few seconds. My boyfriend and I keep it in the bedroom upstairs, but the aroma spreads to the bathroom and other rooms upstairs. And depending on the scents you choose, you can smell it days after you diffuse them.