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A while back I posted Tieks flats as my shoe of the day. You can type that in the search bar and see that if you wanna check it out before you read this! (Also, this is a different pair of Tieks. I will explain that further down. Keep reading.)


I have worn these a while now. In the last post, I put a photo of the red shiny ones. I ended up trading with my mom because we had the wrong sizes! We were unsure which size would fit us how we would like, so we ordered a US 7 and a US 8 just to see what would happen. One night we were sitting around complaining that they hurt our feet, I said something about how her cobalt blue Tieks didn’t hurt my foot at all when I tried them on once and I liked the color better too. Then we got the ingenious idea to swap them out. Immediately we were prancing around the living room and laughing about how comfortable the switch was for the both of us! We couldn’t stop laughing, because it was pretty funny we both felt the same way.

The reason I was unsure which size would be right is because my feet are skinny/long and a half size, and my mom was just as clueless since she has wider/shorter feet and is also a half size. So I am very happy we got lucky and happened to be able to trade out so nonchalantly. The website for Tieks says to order a size down, and that turned out being true for me, however my mom has a more unusual foot I guess, because she fit into the next size up!

****** I will warn everyone: THESE SHOES AREN’T COMFY AT FIRST! After about twenty wears, these are comfy, your arch feels gently supported, but I still can’t wear them for more than 4 or 5 hours before they feel uncomfortable.. Within the first twenty wears, your toes will probably get sore, and your arches will feel the same and you will be really grumpy because most bloggers lie about how these shoes feel.

They aren’t as feel-good or maybe not even as pretty as I expected, but there’s some positives. Like… You can’t feel the ground through them like you can with other flats. The colors are super bright and chic. They look like my ballet shoes from my dancing days. So they are really girly, and I like how flexible they are. You can walk on your tiptoes or flex your foot up, and that is something I haven’t found in any other flat.

Who knows, maybe after I break the leather in even more I will be happier with them. It’s been a few months though and so maybe they just aren’t super compatible for hair stylists or just my feet in general!