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I’m not sure what you call this kind of dress, but to me it looks like an ice skating outfit. I ordered it online from Amazon and was happy that it fits perfectly. It has the option of wearing it without the spaghetti straps as well. I wore this out to eat on Valentine’s day this year! The waitress said I look like a little doll because of my look. Lol.


It’s a polyester blend and I had to iron it cause it has the tendency to wrinkle up. The pleats on the skirt remind me of Marilyn Monroe (I’m not even a big fan of her) or a cheer leader. It is a very feminine dress and it is my favorite. However, I don’t think it would look as dainty on somebody who’s a bit busty! It stayed in place though, didn’t flash anyone, but I had to be very careful the skirt didn’t blow up and out cause it is super short. The color IRL, is more mint green, it looks almost aqua on here.


I think I had on the Jeffree Star lip color Doll Parts.


It’s a fuzzy pic, but I liked it the best!!