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I always have the wax burner (from Yankee Candle) hot and ready because my boyfriend’s dogs can be rather stinky. I keep it in the den so that guests (and us!) are smacked with a hint of aroma upon entry. I LOVE anything that smells good cause it instantly makes me feel soothed or relaxed. The Yankee Candle brand of wax doesn’t seem to smell up the house as much as the ones from Walmart! I was surprised that the ones from Walmart drift all the way up into the upstairs bedroom!! BUT, this post is about the wax I got off the interweb…


These wax melts  are from Etsy made by Chris Ian Candles. I will say that they smell absolutely wonderful! They DON’T drift all the way upstairs like the Walmart wax, but that is probably because these are made out of soy and not all the synthetic properties that fill up the Walmart ones. I like these 100% soy meltees because they come in really unique scents like pink sugar/cotton candy and coffee!! And it is also nice that they are better to breathe in than the wax that includes so many chemicals.

With all the brands I have tried, I have come to the realization that the wax seems to last forever. I guess that the smell fades away with each use, but I’ve been using some of the wax for over a year now and it still has held a scent. Maybe it depends on what kind of burner you have, like, how hot it gets. IDK!